Join the forestry revolution with ROSEWOOD4.0 (HORIZON 2020)

Project ROSEWOOD4.0 is focused on digitalisation and digital tools for knowledge transfer, trainings and practices and allows stakeholders in forestry and wood industry sectors to share knowledge with much greater impact.

We present best practices and innovations with this month topic Simulation and visualisation tools. Every month, we will present best practices and innovations with specific topic, which are collected through our Knowledge Platform in the framework of ROSEWOOD4.0 project. Via this digital tool we are providing forestry and wood industry stakeholders with more opportunities to improve and modernise their activities and make them more sustainable and efficient.

In November, we present you Simulation and visualisation tools.

iWald (Germany) – project that developed a smartphone application that compares silvicultural treatments and simulates forest growth processes on the smartphone. Through this digital solution, forest managers and professionals can access realistic and technically sound options for the sustainable management of their forests. This tool aims to improve the resilience and adaptation of forests to climate change, one of the main challenges currently forestry sector is faced with.

Virtual Forest 2.0 (Finland) – enables efficient 3D visualisation of forest stands based on accurate data and forest management options. The application improves participatory land-use planning, guides forest owners and helps different stakeholder groups understand what their forest will look like in the future.

HiVision (Sweden) – HiVision is the leading innovative digitalisation solution that provides individual crane operators with vision to safely carry out any timber loading task without having to leave the truck cabin. This technology allows the operator, with a virtual reality headset, to sit in the cab of the truck and use joysticks to operate the crane’s functions, which improves the efficiency and profitability of wood transport and mobilisation tasks.

AVATAR (Germany, Norway, Sweden) – AVATAR project develops a digital coach that supports modern forestry workers individually on the job, as today’s modern forestry machines have a complex user interface. With AVATAR, machine control systems and sensor technology gather targeted information to guide the operator towards more balanced working methods and techniques as well as a greater precision and quality of forest operations in the EU.

Follow us next month with new topic and more best practices and innovations!