The Senate of University of Zagreb approved Professional study of Wood Technology – in academic year 2020./2021. will be performed in Vinkovci

VINKOVCI, 12.03.2020. – Vukovar-Srijem County, City of Vinkovci, Competence Centre Ltd and Faculty of Forestry signed an agreement and cooperation contract in 2019 with the aim of conducting a Wood Technology Undergraduate Expertise Studies in Vinkovci from the academic year 2020/2021. The initiation of studies in Vinkovci was subject of the approval by the Senate of University of Zagreb, which was obtained on 18.02.2020.

With this act, the Wood Technology Undergraduate Expertise Study will be conducted in Vinkovci from next autumn. Up to 40 students will be able to enrol in the professional studies in the first semester. The study will last six semesters, and upon its completion, students will gain a professional title – the Professional Bachelor of Wood Technology. The coordinator of the organization and teaching programme at the professional study is the University of Zagreb Faculty of Forestry, which committed to organize and to perform classes according to the Programme and the Plan of the professional study.

The wood sector is in urgent need of highly educated professionals so that a large number of wood industry bachelor’s degree holders have a workplace in the labour market. In addition, by completing their studies, bachelor’s students have the opportunity to continue their studies at the graduate or specialist studies of the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb or other faculties. You can read more about the studios at: