Project “Development and implementation of professional practice in the frame of studies at the Faculty of Forestry” started

VINKOVCI, 18.03.2020. – The Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb, received HRK 3.902.617,14 for Development and implementation of professional practice at the Faculty of Forestry project, from the Ministry of Science and Education, under the Call for Development, Promotion and Implementation of Professional Practice in Higher Education from the European Social Fund (ESF), Operational Program “Effective Human Resources 2014-2020”. Within the Call, 28 contracts were signed amounting in total HRK 99,4 million.

The projects will carry out activities to improve the quality of professional practice as a compulsory or optional part of the study program, as well as to strengthen the competencies of HEIs to develop work-based learning models, which will enable them to acquire practical skills for the work of Croatian students and increase their employability.

The Development and implementation of professional practice in the frame of studies at the Faculty of Forestry project objective is to support increase of the employability of Forestry Faculty students in the labour market by facilitating the acquisition of practical skills for work through the improvement and implementation of professional practice. Within the project, students will gain practical skills and knowledge as well as first-hand work experience by participating in activities based on solving real sector problems. Students of forestry and wood technology will acquire additional skills through a professional internship in the form of mentored practical work at the faculty, group multi-day fieldwork in companies and nature parks, as well as through a month of individual practice in companies, in order to successfully integrate into the labour market.

The project activities also consider the equipping of a computer classroom, the acquisition of special software for production management, and the equipping of a workshop for professional practice for wood technology students. In addition to the existing 5-axis CNC machine, as well as a 3D scanner and printer, students will now have the opportunity to use a laser engraving and cutting machine and a variety of other machines for gaining practical knowledge but also enabling them to make models and prototypes of products.

Partners on the project are Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Technology Engineers, Competence Centre Ltd for research and development, and Wood Cluster Slavonian Oak.