„Open Innovation World Café“ workshop in Vinkovci

VINKOVCI, 09.05.2019. – Within the framework of the Made in Danube project, an “Open Innovation World Café” workshop took place today in Excellent Pub in Vinkovci. Aim of the workshop was to build new links and strengthen existing regional initiative and Danube Region Innovation System in order to create synergies and improve impact. The event was organised by ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation (Vienna) in cooperation with Vukovar-Srijem County Development Agency.

At the workshop, participants discussed increased usage of renewable energy sources in Slavonia, development and use of new technologies and innovations in the wood industry, smart and sustainable use of local raw wood materials and strengthening of the Local Action Plan for the development of the Competence centre.

The event was attended by Competence centre Ltd. employees, project manager Ana Škrabo, and project assistants Goran Žagar and Martina Đukić.